Commercial Demolition

From industrial to commercial demolition, we have the expertise and equipment to get the job done right the first time. With many years of experience in the Building Industry, Nationwide Demolitions ensures that each project is completed in a safe and timely manner giving you a sound piece of mind when contraction Nationwide Demolitions for all your commercial or industrial demolition needs.  With our high level of professional service that we offer to all our clientele, our experts achieve a safe and effective result which is on budget.  We keep our clients informed every step of the way.

All of our team members are fully registered, qualified and insured and are specialists in the field.  We adhere to all Australian Standards, Regulations and Codes of Practice.

While demolition can mean the tearing down of structures, it can also refer to the process of “stripping out” where all internal fittings and fixtures are removed so that a room or factory is a bare shell ready to be fitted out as needed, we are able to achieve this for you. This is something that should always be done by a licensed, insured demolition contractors such as ourselves!!

Commercial and Industrial demolition can be basically defined as the partial or total demolition of a commercial or industrial property.  These can be anything from offices, factories through to huge skyscrapers.  Demolition usually takes place when a building is no longer safe to be habited in its present condition or if it is no longer useful.

As commercial demolition is often done on a large scale, the machinery used is quite sophisticated. As well as excavators and bobcats, other machinery such as cranes, cutter-crushers, multi-processors, scissor lifts and much more are used for demolishing commercial properties.  This type of machinery is operated by our highly trained and licensed professionals. Where the building may be attached to another we will use our adopted techniques of manual demolition to ensure no damage is caused to the adjoining building.

We salvage as much items as we can that arise from a demolition such as timber, steel, concrete reinforcement, bricks, and so on. We envision to be as environmentally responsible as we are able to be.  Some waste generated by a demolition project can also be quite hazardous, we are qualified to deal with this hazardous waste and dispose of it in a way that is not harmful to people or the environment.

We work with your local council to ensure that the demolition works to be done are fully compliant with council regulations and that all the necessary permits are issued.  Once the work is done, we then issue you with the relevant clearance certificates.

No matter what the size or scope of the job, we have the machinery and expert staff to do the job right.  Nationwide Demolition are the people to call for all your demolition needs in Victoria. Get in touch with one of our friendly team members  would be more than happy to assist you.  You can request a NO OBLIGATION FREE QUOTE.